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Hello everybody,

Do you want to transition from Academia to Industry but are unaware of the different types of jobs Industry offers PhD holders? Are you looking for opportunities in Industry but you do not know how to get in contact with companies?

Take the opportunity that the IGBMC Students and Post-doc Board (SPB) is bringing to you and join us at the SPB Career Fair 2019.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Event held at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology

1 Rue Laurent Fries, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden

About the SPB Career Fair

  • The program includes talks, panel discussions, mock interviews, and networking sessions
  • 10 to 20 Biotech companies will come to introduce themselves and present the opportunities and different jobs they offer for PhD holders
  • Companies will give tips about how to land the positions they offer
  • The career fair will be held in English
  • No registration fee

About the companies

  • Takara Bio: Biotechnology company focused on human health utilizing stem cells, regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy research.
  • Cherry Biotech: Innovating deeptech company, providing instruments for biology and precision medicine.
  • PerkinElmer: Biotechnology company focus on innovating for a healthier world by investing in diagnostics, life sciences, food and applied markets
  • MP Biomedicals: Corporation that manufactures and distributes products for life science, fine chemicals, and diagnostic markets.
  • SEMIA: An Alsace start-up incubator shared between universities, scientific institutions, and economic organizations supported by regional public authorities.
  • SATT Conectus: Company that brings the laboratories of the Alsatian public research and companies together. Drives researchers’ inventions to the market by investing financially at a very early stage in the development of innovative technologies.
  • Domain Therapeutics: French and Canadian privately-held biopharmaceutical company that uses transmembrane and G Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR) targeting for the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics for central nervous system (CNS) diseases and cancer.
  • European Diabetes Study Center (CEED): Innovation Centre specialized in diabetes and associated pathologies. CEED activities include: Research – From laboratory to start-up, E-health – Telemedicine and artificial intelligence, and Public Health – Prevention and Screening.
  • Science me Up: Company dedicated to connect the world of science with the challenges of the socioeconomic world by recruiting highly educated scientific and technological candidates, training participants in the socioeconomic context of innovation, and organising scientific events centered around bringing together researchers. 
  • Dynacure: A clinical-stage drug development company focused on improving the lives of patients with rare and orphan diseases.
  • Somersault18:24: Illustrator communication company that helps scientists, science publishers, and biotech companies to communicate their work.
  • Woodlight: Start-up company whose goal is to reduce city pollution and high energy consumption by creating bioluminescent plants.
  • Transgene: Biotechnology company focused on designing and developing next-generation immunotherapeutics.
  • Novalix: Contract research organisation with chemistry and biophysical techniques.
  • And more …


The program involves talks, panel discussions, workshops, mock interviews, and networking sessions.

To help PhD students and post-docs gain a better understanding of the interview process, we are organizing mock interviews. Participating companies are not expected to provide job offers. Rather, participating companies will give PhD students and post-docs who are planning to transition to industry advice on which skills they need to improve or how to prepare for future interviews.

Everyone is welcome to attend the talks, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions.

Applications to participate in a mock interview are open to 3rd or 4th year PhD students and postdocs and require the submission of a CV. 

In the case that your CV is shortlisted by the companies of the event, an additional email will be sent to you 10 days before the D-day of the event at which point you will be required to provide a cover letter dedicated to the companies that you will have a mock interview with. 

Our team proposes the following CV template.

The CV should ideally be one page in length, but two-page CVs are also accepted.


Important Deadlines:

Deadline for CV submission: 11th October 2019.

Registration closes: 6th November 2019.


Register via the link:


 PS. For validation of socio-professional hours please follow the instructions provided on the registration form.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our SPB Career Fair. Come and make your success happen!

On behalf of the SPB Career Fair 2019 organizing team

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